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Leonie McKinlay

  • Leonie McKinlay

    2011 - DVM Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan

    2004 - BSc Zoology, University of Calgary

    Academic Background

    Dr McKinlay is an experienced veterinarian who spent over 10 years in general clinical practice before transitioning to a career in medical writing and editing. She has extensive experience with all topics within the field of veterinary medicine. As the essentials of medicine are the same across species, Dr McKinlay also has detailed knowledge of many medical topics including anatomy, physiology, pathology, endocrinology, pharmacology, surgery, and diagnostic modalities. Dr McKinlay has clinical experience with a wide range of diseases including cancer, infectious diseases, metabolic conditions, immune-mediated diseases, and cardiovascular diseases.

    Editing and Reviewing Experience

    Dr McKinlay has edited a wide variety of manuscripts and other articles intended for both professional and public audiences. She joined Edanz as an editor in 2021.

    Writing Experience

    Dr McKinlay has worked as a freelance veterinary writer for the past 2 years, writing a variety of monographs, blogs, articles, and continuing education material for both public and professional audiences. She obtained her Essential Skills Certificate from the American Medical Writers Association in 2020.