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Our international team of research leaders combine both research expertise and publication know-how. Our team has a shared focus on innovative thinking, which is evident through our dedication to providing clients with the most cutting-edge solutions, services, and ideas available today. Contact us to talk about your research project or ideas.

Edanz Chief Science Officer

Dr Daniel McGowan

PhD Molecular Neuroscience, University of Auckland

Neurosciences Cell Biology Journal Editor Biochemistry CMPP

Dr McGowan was an Associate Editor of Nature Reviews Neuroscience, before joining Edanz in 2006. Prior to working in the publishing industry, Dr McGowan was a Senior Scientist at the University of Cambridge, UK and a Marie Curie Research Fellow at the Babraham Institute, also in Cambridge. He has more than ten years of post-doctoral and post-graduate laboratory experience in the areas of neurodegenerative diseases, molecular and cellular biology, protein biochemistry, proteomics and genomics. Daniel is a member of ISMPP and is a Certified Medical Publications Professional.

  • A seasoned researcher and author with a broad range of expertise, Daniel oversees our entire solutions and services program to ensure that our customers receive the most creative and innovative solutions possible.

Muliple award-winner

Dr Ayhan Atmanli

PhD Biomedical Engineering, Tufts University
MD Medicine, Heidelberg University

Biochemistry Cell Biology Biomedical Engineering Physiology

Dr Atmanli is a biomedical engineer and physician-scientist with expertise in developmental biology, tissue engineering, and human pluripotent stem cells. He obtained his PhD from Tufts University and has since published work in journals including Cell Reports, Development, and Advanced Healthcare Materials.

  • Ayhan's creative scientific work has won numerous awards including a competitive pre-doctoral fellowship from the American Heart Association and two Jump Start awards from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI).

Innovative Statistician

Dr Viktor Popoola

MD MPH MS CPH PhD(c) Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Epidemiology Public Health Study Design Biostatistics

Dr. Popoola is a physician-epidemiologist with over 15 years of experience in clinical medicine, epidemiological study design and implementation, outbreak investigation, and statistical analysis and reporting using quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methodology. After several years of clinical medical practice, Victor transitioned to public health.

  • 20+ peer reviewed publications
  • Regular speaker at Edanz events

Edanz Science Director

Dr James Graham

PhD Biological Sciences, University of Warwick

Biochemistry CMPP
Prion Diseases Cell Biology

James holds a PhD in Biochemistry and has a research background in prions and Parkinson's disease (The Roslin Institute and DZNE Bonn). As Edanz' Science Director, he oversees our team to help researchers develop innovative ideas and plan, design, run, and execute both clinical and non-clinical studies.

  • James is a certified medical publications professional with substantial experience in the peer-review process.

Seasoned Journal Editor

Dr Karyn Heavner

PhD Epidemiology, University at Albany, State University of New York

Epidemiology Public Health Journal Editor Reviewer

Dr Heavner has extensive research experience spending 5 years conducting HIV/AIDS research and program evaluation at the AIDS Institute of the New York State Department of Health. She has conducted research on epidemiology methods, environmental and occupational epidemiology, cancer epidemiology, autism spectrum disease, HIV/AIDS, and viral hepatitis.

  • Was managing editor of Epidemiology Perspectives and Innovations for two years and has served as a peer reviewer for two public health journals and several public health conferences.

Extensive cross-diciplinary experience

Dr Sarina Iwabuchi

PhD Psychology, University of Auckland

Neurosciences Psycology Pharmacology Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr Iwabuchi has 15 years of research experience in the field of psychology, with specific expertise in neuroimaging, psychiatry, mental health, and chronic pain. Most recently, she has been involved in a clinical trial examining the efficacy of transcranial magnetic stimulation in the treatment of depression using functional MRI, MR spectroscopy, and diffusion-weighted imaging.

  • Highly creative and experienced in developing scientific content in a range of fields including cognitive neuroscience, psychiatry, and psychopharmacology

A creative thinker and sought after speaker

Dr Nikki March

PhD Cancer Biochemistry and Cell Biology, University of Cambridge

Oncology Biochemistry Cell Biology Immunology Physiology

Dr March is a cancer biologist with special interests in cell signaling, intestinal oncology and cancer stem cells. Dr March's has focused on the application of innovative models to identify and characterize novel driver genes in colorectal cancer and is currently a Senior Bioscientist at the Paterson Institute for Cancer Research in Manchester, UK, where she investigates novel oncology drug targets.

  • A creative thinker and sought-after speaker
  • Notable publications include a first-author paper in Nature Genetics

250+ publications

Dr Tim Spelman

PhD Biostatistics,
University of Melbourne

Public Health Health Services Neurosciences Biostatistics

Our top biostatistician, Dr. Spelman, uses advanced methods to solve clinical epidemiology and health research problems. He is especially creative, developing novel methods for analyzing time-to-event data and assessing treatment effects.

  • One of the world’s leading registry/real-world data analysis and pharmaco-epidemiologists
  • Authored or co-authored over 250 publications

Creative, award-winning scientist

Dr Mislav Jelakovic

PhD(c) Biomedicine and Health, University of Zagreb, School of Medicine

Cardiorespiratory Medicine Oncology Clinical Sciences Haematology

Dr Jelaković is currently a Gastroenterology and Hepatology resident at the University Hospital Center Zagreb, Croatia, where he is training in cardiology, immunology, hematology, gastroenterology, and hepatology. His areas of expertise also include biostatistics and epidemiology. He is currently working toward his PhD in Biomedicine and Health, and his doctoral research is focused on carcinogenesis of colorectal cancer in patients diagnosed with both primary sclerosing cholangitis and ulcerative colitis.

  • Creative scientist and the recipient of both Dean’s and Chancellor’s awards for best scientific paper at the University of Zagreb

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About Edanz

Senior Management

Thomas da Costa
Chief Executive Officer

Tom has a deep understanding of the needs of researchers and has spent over 15 years developing and marketing a variety of innovative products and services to support researchers. He is passionate about assisting researchers in effectively executing and communicating their work and reaching their full potential. Edanz has grown to become one of the world's most respected providers of research support and scientific communication services under his leadership.

Dr Daniel MacGowan, PhD, CMPP
Chief Science Officer

Edanz Group's Chief Science Officer is Dr. Daniel McGowan. He has more than 20 years of experience in scientific research and publishing, including a senior research position at Cambridge University and a position as Associate Journal Editor for Nature Reviews Neuroscience. In his role at Edanz, Daniel is responsible for overseeing our entire solutions and services program. This includes working with our team of experts to develop creative and innovative solutions for our customers' needs. Daniel is also a member of our Executive Board, which establishes the strategic direction for the company, the core of which is to provide cutting-edge solutions for the challenges that modern researchers face.

Who Are We?

We are a comprehensive research support service for the scientific community. This means we are committed to providing innovative solutions to the challenges faced by the international research community, from individual researchers and clinicians to large institutions. Edanz helps scientists reach their goals by providing guidance and support at every stage of research planning, execution, writing, and publication processes.

Edanz Pharma (evidence.edanz.com) supports Medical Affairs teams to plan and execute evidence generation strategies: gap and landscape analyses, publication planning, RWE studies including database and web surveys, meta analyses, manuscript development, and congress support.

Our teams include researchers, journal editors, peer reviewers, publication consultants, medical writers and medical communications specialists.

In 2019 we joined M3 Group (https://corporate.m3.com/); Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section (Securities code 2413).