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Through a unique combination of research expertise and publication know-how, we help researchers & scientists create innovative projects and become leaders in their field.

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Research Preparation & Ideas

Need inspiration for your next project? These solutions can help you develop and plan a creative and meaningful study with a clear plan and timeline.

  • Research Question Development
  • Study Concept Development
  • Meta Analysis Design
  • Protocol Development
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Identify gaps in your field or find help to analyize your data using the latest analytical techniques.

  • Gap/Literature Analyses
  • Systematic Reviews & Meta Analyses
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Analyses
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Manuscript Development

Accelerate your project and avoid costly delays with industry and publisher compliant solutions developed in as little as 6 weeks.

  • Original Article Manuscript Development
  • Review Article Development
  • Figure Generation
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Language Editing
& Scientific Communication

Present with confidence with professionally designed posters, slides, and other visual content that highlight the key points of your research in an engaging and visually appealing way.

  • Expert English Editing
  • Scientific Poster & Slide Creation
  • Visual Summaries & Infographics

Who we work with

From individual researchers and clinicians to large institutions, Edanz helps scientists reach their research goals with guidance, tools, and support at every stage of planning, execution, writing and publication processes.

  • Individual researchers and clinicians
  • Global Institutions and Universities
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Innovative researchers with big ideas!

Creative solutions for
your research challenges

Through the right mix of research expertise and publication know-how, we can bring unique perspectives and insights that will benefit any innovative research idea you may be working on.

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Instituto de Productos
Lecteos de Asturias, Spain

Honestly, working with Edanz has sped up my workflow incredibly. I used the Gap Analysis service and was amazed with quality and speed of the output. I intend to use Edanz's services from now on.


Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences
Jordan University of Science and Technology

Edanz guided me through writing and publishing an original article based on data from my MSc thesis. It was a pleasure working with the Edanz team, and I was published in three months!

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