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Gabrielle David

  • Gabrielle David
    Gabrielle David

    2008 - PhD Chemistry, University of Otago

    2002 - BSc (Hons) Chemistry, University of Otago

    Academic Background

    Dr David has conducted research in many areas, including inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, and analytic chemistry. Her PhD research at the University of Otago investigated a forensic application of isotope ratio mass spectrometry for the analysis of illicit drugs. More recently, she completed tertiary study at UC San Diego Extension in the area of environmental sustainability. Dr David began working as an editor with Edanz Group in 2008.

    Publishing History

    Dr David has presented her research at international conferences and has peer-reviewed publications in the areas of physical, analytical, and forensic chemistry.

    Editing Experience

    Dr David began working as an editor with the Edanz Group in 2009. She is an experienced science communicator and editor, and has edited over 1,300 manuscripts for ESL authors. She received an award for science communication in the MacDiarmid Young Scientist of the Year competition (2007, New Zealand), and completed an internship with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (Bangkok, Thailand). Dr David has experience editing in the following areas: agricultural chemistry, analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry, forensic chemistry, herbal medicines, inorganic chemistry, natural products, organic chemistry, traditional medicines, physical chemistry, and toxicology.