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Antonio Tilocca

  • Antonio Tilocca
    Antonio Tilocca

    2000 - PhD Chemical Sciences, University of Sassari

    1995 - MS Chemistry, University of Sassari

    Academic Background

    Dr Tilocca has broad scientific expertise in inorganic/physical/computational chemistry and materials science, developed over more than 15 years working full-time in research-intensive academic institutions in the UK and USA, initially as a post-doc and then as an independent researcher, funded by a long-term personal fellowship. His research, at the interface between physical, material, and life sciences, aimed at rationalizing the behavior of materials for biomedicine, energy production, and catalysis. Dr Tilocca's work focused on these subjects: (i) materials for healthcare, such as bioactive materials, nanoparticles, and vectors for cancer radiotherapy; (ii) photocatalysis at metal oxides and other surfaces for solar cell applications; (iii) inorganic-organic hybrid materials; (iv) microporous materials; (v) biological enzymes; (vi) machine-learning and AI approaches for spectroscopy and image processing. He has considerable experience in the theory and application of various molecular modeling techniques to study the behavior of complex systems at the atomic scale.

    Publishing History

    Dr Tilocca has authored over 70 peer-reviewed journal articles (40 as first and/or corresponding author), including papers in Nature Materials, Journal of the American Chemical Society, and Chemistry of Materials, as well as invited reviews on bioactive glasses. In most of these papers he made a major contribution to all phases of the publication process. Dr Tilocca has also written book chapters and research reports published in scientific magazines, and presented various oral communications at international conferences and meetings.

    Editing and Reviewing Experience

    In the past 15 years, Dr Tilocca has frequently been involved in the peer review of manuscripts submitted to a wide range of journals, including Nature Materials, Nature Communications, Physical Review Letters, Chemistry of Materials, Journal of Materials Chemistry, Langmuir, Journal of Physical Chemistry, Acta Biomaterialia, and RSC Advances. In addition to this activity (> 230 manuscripts reviewed to date), he has also frequently contributed to the assessment and evaluation of research proposals—for instance, grant applications submitted to UK funders and other European funding organizations.

    Writing Experience

    In addition to the peer-reviewed publications noted above, Dr Tilocca has written three chapters for Springer and RSC books and authored a few research reports published in scientific magazines.