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Ian McNaught

  • Ian McNaught
    Ian McNaught

    1976 - BEd Education, Monash University

    1973 - PhD Chemistry, Monash University

    1969 - BSc (Hons) Chemistry, Monash University

    Academic Background

    Dr McNaught has over 40 years' experience as an academic in several universities, including Melbourne University and Sydney University. He has taught General Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, and Analytical Chemistry, while supervising many postgraduate students.

    Publishing History

    Dr McNaught has published 67 peer-reviewed papers, 15 of them as the sole author, and 28 of them as first author. Many of these publications have been in ACS journals. Dr McNaught has also published two books on introductory chemistry.

    Editing and Reviewing Experience

    Dr McNaught has been a reviewer for the Journal of Physical Chemistry, Journal of Chemical Education, Environmental Technology, and International Journal of Environmental Studies, as well as a prepublication reviewer for books published by Wiley and McGraw-Hill. Dr McNaught has edited thousands of papers over a period spanning more than 20 years. He joined Edanz Group as an editor in 2021.

    Writing Experience

    Dr McNaught has published two books: ‘Chemistry 1A Lecture Notes and Laboratory/Tutorial Workbook’ and ‘Chemistry 1B Lecture Notes and Laboratory/Tutorial Workbook’.