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Joost Overduin

  • Joost Overduin
    Joost Overduin

    2021 - MSc Biotechnology, Ilmenau University of Technology

    1998 - MSc Pharmacology, University of Bradford

    1996 - PhD Health Sciences/Physiology, Maastricht University

    1991 - MPhil Psychology/Psychonomics, University of Amsterdam

    Academic Background

    Dr Overduin is a multidisciplinary scientist with MSc degrees in Experimental Psychology, Pharmacology, and Biotechnology, as well as a PhD in Health Science. He has been in research for over 25 years in Europe and the United States, both in academia (Maastricht University, Cornell, and University of Washington) and as a project manager for a contract research company (NIZO food research) working with clients in the food/food-ingredient industry. His expertise and research themes are wide-ranging, including experimental psychology, questionnaire design and validation, gastroenterology, endocrinology, behavioral science, diet and nutrition, food technology, and, most recently, biological and engineering aspects of microdevices, e.g., Organ-on-a-chip and Lab-on-a-chip. Dr Overduin has conducted studies with both human and animal subjects. He continues to pursue a combined research and research-consulting career.

    Publishing History

    Dr Overduin has authored 23 peer-reviewed English-language papers (13 as first author), and 5 book chapters on psychological and medical topics.

    Editing and Reviewing Experience

    Since 2018, Dr Overduin has worked as a freelance language and content editor of English-language manuscripts for two international companies, improving 150+ manuscripts. He did the same for 1.5 years at Fraunhofer, a major network of German federally and industrially funded institutes of applied research. He has also mentored PhD students (both native and non-native English speakers) at the Universities of Bradford and Sheffield (UK) on their thesis writing. Dr Overduin joined Edanz Group as a research consultant in 2021.

    Writing Experience

    Dr Overduin has contributed reviews of books on psychology, animal science, and physiology and has been an occasional columnist for the Dutch Psychological Association (NIP; journal "De Psycholoog").