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Jessica Lewis

  • Jessica Lewis
    Jessica Lewis

    2020 - MSc Molecular Cell Biology/Biomedical Sciences, University of Florida

    2014 - PharmD Pharmacy, University of Pittsburgh

    Academic Background

    Dr Lewis is a medical writer and molecular cell biologist in the fields of cancer physiology and tumor biology. She has more than 5 years of experience conducting research in cancer pathophysiology and pharmacotherapy and she has worked as a medical writer in the medical communications industry. Additionally, she has a doctoral degree in pharmacy and provided pharmaceutical care to patients with various diseases. Overall, she is knowledgeable in cancer pathophysiology, immunotherapy, oncogenes, pharmacogenetics, and pharmacotherapy.

    Publishing History

    As a medical writer, Dr Lewis has helped various healthcare companies, such as Baxter, Johnson & Johnson, and Olympus, develop many clinical documents for pharmaceuticals and medical devices. She has extensive experience presenting her research at national conferences, including the American Association for Cancer Research.

    Editing and Reviewing Experience

    Dr Lewis has edited manuscripts for students at her institution. As a medical writer, she was able to experience working as a Clinical Project Manager for a short term. During that period, she edited clinical documents for the healthcare company Baxter.

    Writing Experience