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Susan Albrecht

  • Susan Albrecht
    Susan Albrecht

    1985 - BSc Human Physiology and Pharmacology, University of Auckland

    1980 - BA Anthropology and Physiology, University of Auckland

    Academic Background

    Ms Albrecht has completed tertiary education in human physiology, pharmacology, anthropology, and psychology. She is a trained occupational therapist.

    Editing and Reviewing Experience

    Ms Albrecht began working as a medical editor and writer in 1983 with ADIS Press, now a subsidiary of Springer, and has since amassed 35 years of editing, writing, and publishing experience in both medicine and surgery. She has worked as a freelancer for 30 years both nationally and internationally and is a regular guest speaker at postgraduate courses on medical writing and academic communications for surgical and medical registrars in her home country of New Zealand. Ms Albrecht has worked across a wide range of topics, including clinical medicine; endocrinology; respiratory medicine; surgical, medical, and radiation oncology; cardiovascular medicine; and cardiac electrophysiology. She joined Edanz as an editor in 2021.

    Writing Experience

    Ms Albrecht worked as a journalist before entering medical publishing. She has experience with various text and article types, including proceedings for pharmaceutical companies, dossiers on regulatory affairs and drug funding, clinical summaries, patient information files, theses and dissertations, book chapters, research articles, website content, and personal statements.