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Katherine Thieltges

  • Katherine Thieltges

    2008 - Master of Public Health, Oregon State University

    2003 - MS Chemistry, Montana State University

    Academic Background

    Ms Thieltges completed her BS in Chemistry with a focus in Biochemistry at Montana State University. During her time there, she worked as a research assistant to purify and characterize proteins and antibodies and utilized antibody/antigen fluorescent-based detection assays. Additionally, she worked as a teaching assistant for a senior-level biochemistry laboratory course. She went on to attain a master’s degree in Environmental Public Health from Oregon State University, where her thesis focused on examining toxicological data in relation to human health and aquatic life endpoints of pesticide exposure in an effort to improve pesticide water quality guidelines.

    Publishing History

    Throughout her years as a research assistant, Ms Thieltges has been a co-author on several publications that span the areas of VEGF cell signaling, membrane protein structural biology, and polymer materials chemistry.

    Editing and Reviewing Experience

    With a broad experience in academia, industry, and consulting, Ms Thieltges is proficient in editing a wide range of technical documents, with a particular focus on theses and manuscripts in the life sciences. She has been working as a freelance English language editor for scientific documents for over two years. She brings to her editing several years of professional experience in biochemistry research and environmental consulting.

    Writing Experience

    Ms Thieltges has professional writing experience crafting reports related to environmental site assessments and regulatory documents related to groundwater chemical analysis. She also has experience writing Materials and Methods sections of papers for which she carried out the technical lab work.