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Femi Morakinyo

  • Femi Morakinyo
    Femi Morakinyo

    2010 - PhD Physiology, University of Lagos

    2004 - MSc Physiology, University of Ibadan

    2001 - BSc Physiology, University of Ibadan

    Academic Background

    Dr Femi is a physiologist with consummate experience in the fields of diabetes, metabolism, and endocrinology. He has more than 17 years of experience in biomedical research, supervising and mentoring graduate students, as well as publishing peer-reviewed scientific articles in international high impact journals. His interests lie in exploring the role of micronutrients in the risk of onset and progression of diabetes mellitus; how environmental factors such as stress, pollution and malnutrition impact metabolic functions; and the epigenetic potential of perinatal exposure to these factors on metabolic and endocrine functions in the offspring. Dr Femi is knowledgeable in animal handling, human physiology, metabolism, endocrinology, reproduction, and pharmacology, as well as good laboratory and clinical practices. He has experience with literature searches and reviews, raw study data analysis, clinical data interpretation, and clinical trial documentation and guidelines.

    Publishing History

    Dr Femi has authored more than 40 peer-reviewed journal articles and conference publications, 21+ as first author, in journals such as Endocrine Regulations, Journal of Dietary Supplements, PLoS, Journal of Basic Clinical Physiology and Pharmacology, and Reproductive Medicine and Biology. He has also presented his works at several international meetings, including the Society for Endocrinology BES conference and The Physiological Society Themed Meetings.

    Editing and Reviewing Experience

    Dr Femi has edited and reviewed manuscripts and technical reports for both students and colleagues at his institution. He has also been a reviewer for many journals including Archives of Medical Sciences, Life Sciences, Endocrine Regulations, and Heliyon. Dr Femi joined Edanz as a medical writer and science communicator in 2022.

    Writing Experience

    Dr Femi’s laboratory has authored manuals, work instructions, and protocols. In addition, he has independently written regulatory documents including standard operating procedures, safety data sheet, efficacy study reports (natural health products), instruction for users (medical devices), regulatory assessment (gap analysis), and safety narratives (pharmacovigilance).