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Jane Charbonneau

  • Jane Charbonneau
    Jane Charbonneau

    1990 - Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, University of Prince Edward Island, Prince Edward Island

    1986 - BS Animal Science, University of Guelph

    Academic Background

    After graduating from veterinary college, Dr Charbonneau spent 10 years practicing general surgery, preventive medicine, behavior counseling, and diagnostics and treatments related to dermatology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, internal medicine, and emergency medicine in a companion animal veterinary practice. In 2000, she began a 10-year focus on emergency medicine and surgery and completed a 1-year term teaching equine locomotor diseases to students of massage therapy. She has continued her clinical work in general companion animal practice since that time, while also completing editing assignments for Edanz. Her experience in emergency medicine includes critical care of trauma patients as well as patients in cardiac, liver, and renal failure; infectious disease, resuscitation and transfusion medicine; neurological and endocrine emergencies; and the surgical correction of gastric dilatation and volvulus, ruptured splenic masses, gastrointestinal foreign bodies, bullet wounds, fractures, tumor excision, and wound repair. Currently, Dr Charbonneau works as a full-time medical editor, and has an interest in clinically focused communication.

    Editing Experience

    A member of the American Medical Writers Association, Dr Charbonneau is an experienced editor of clinical manuscripts in human and veterinary sciences for medical and surgical research. Since joining Edanz as a freelance editor in 2011, she has completed more than 3900 editing and related jobs in a wide variety of medical and surgical fields.

    Writing Experience

    Dr Charbonneau has written an article in a non-medical book designed to help people receiving palliative care and their families. The book was published in 2022. Dr Charbonneau has completed several author-guided rewriting tasks for Edanz.