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Richard Haase

  • Richard Haase
    Richard Haase

    1983 - PhD Physics, University of Canterbury

    1980 - MSc Physics, University of Canterbury

    1978 - BSc (Hons) Physics, University of Canterbury

    Academic Background

    Dr Haase’s PhD thesis, titled “The Symmetric Groups and the Unitary Groups,” played a central role in describing the quantum phenomena of nuclear, atomic, and molecular systems and various other many-body systems. After graduating, he spent twenty years abroad at various universities, including Technische Universität Wien as a research fellow and Universität Tübingen as a DAAD and Alexander von Humboldt research scholar. His previous academic appointment was as an Associate Professor in Physics at Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Dr Haase’s research and teaching focused on mathematical physics, specifically the physical application of symmetry, covering topics such as algebras, group theory, representation theory, tensor analysis, and space-time symmetries. The applications have covered widely disparate areas of research such as quantum physics, fluid mechanics, general relativity, and electromagnetism, as well as particle, atomic, and molecular physics. His ongoing work on various topics, specifically geometric algebra, provides him with the opportunity to review central themes in mathematics and theoretical physics to unify classical physics, special relativity, electromagnetism, and general relativity.

    Publishing History

    Dr Haase has authored over twenty papers in peer-reviewed journals including Physical Review, Journal of Mathematical Physics, and Journal of Physics, and he has presented papers at several international conferences in the past.

    Editing and Reviewing Experience

    Dr Haase has edited over 3500 manuscripts. After his role as Senior Editor in Physical Sciences in the Beijing office, in 2008 he became a freelance editor working for Edanz Group.