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Maryline Chee Kimling

  • Maryline Chee Kimling
    Maryline Chee Kimling

    2012 - PhD Materials Chemistry, University of Melbourne

    2006 - BSc Chemistry, University of Melbourne

    Dr Chee Kimling is a materials scientist currently working as a research fellow in the Advanced Porous Materials group at the University of Melbourne. Her research interests involve the development of structured porous functional materials (e.g. metal oxides, metal ions-doped metal oxides, surface modified metal oxides with organic molecules) with nano-related properties using sol-gel templating techniques. These materials have important environmental applications such as clean-up and storage of nuclear waste, water purification via photocatalysis and adsorption, and solar energy (dye sensitized solar cells). Dr Chee Kimling has authored four peer reviewed journal publications and two book chapters, and has presented her research at local and international conferences. She began working as an editor for Edanz in 2013.