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Juan Carlos Serrano-Ruiz

  • Juan Carlos Serrano-Ruiz
    Juan Carlos Serrano-Ruiz

    2006 - PhD Catalysis and Materials Science, University of Alicante

    2003 - MA Materials Science, University of Alicante

    2000 - BA Chemistry, University of Granada

    Dr Serrano-Ruiz is a published author and researcher in the fields of chemistry and materials science. His background includes a 2007 post-doc position at the Spanish National Council of Research, followed a year later by a 2-year Fulbright-MEC fellowship to conduct studies on catalytic biomass conversion to fuels and chemicals in Professor James Dumesic’s research group at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA). Dr Serrano-Ruiz is co-author of about 60 papers, including one in Science (considered one of the 30 biggest chemical breakthroughs of the year according to Chemistry World), 5 book chapters, and a number of high-impact reviews on catalytic biomass conversion. One such review was selected as a key scientific article by Renewable Energy Global Innovations, a leading source of renewable energy research news. He served as a Guest Editor of a special issue on “New Biotechnologies for Biofuels and Advanced Chemicals Production” for the journal Current Chemical Biology. He was the editor of three books on biomass conversion and biorefineries, and is a regular reviewer for international journals on topics such as biofuels, catalysis, and green chemistry. Dr Serrano-Ruiz joined Edanz Group as a research consultant in 2016.