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John Gibbins

  • John Gibbins
    John Gibbins

    2014 - PhD Clinical Immunology, Victoria University of Wellington

    2010 - Bachelor of Biomedical Science (hons), Victoria University of Wellington

    Dr Gibbins’ PhD thesis was entitled “The Role of Langerin+ CD8α+ Dendritic Cells in Tumor Immunotherapy”. Within this study he characterized a vaccine for the treatment of relapsing acute leukemia following chemotherapy. In addition, he determined the importance of dendritic cell stimulation in vivo following adoptive therapy. Dr Gibbins has experience analyzing the function of the innate and adaptive immune cells in murine models of disease. He has given particular attention to the functions of antigen-presenting cells and their ability to drive CD4+ and CD8+ T cells into efficient antigen-specific killers. In addition, he has examined the efficacy of various immunotherapies for the treatment of tumors. Although his research has largely been animal based, his experiments were performed for their human application, and he therefore has significant experience critically analyzing clinical manuscripts. Dr Gibbins has presented at many international conferences and has had his research accepted for publication by the journal Blood. Another manuscript is in development. Dr Gibbins joined the Edanz Group as an editor in 2014, and edits in fields related to immunology, oncology and clinical science.