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Jeremy Kamen

  • Jeremy Kamen
    Jeremy Kamen

    2002 - MSc Biology, Fordham University

    1996 - BSc Environmental Science, University of Arizona

    Mr Kamen’s original research was into the presence of freshwater archaea in New York State Lakes using PCR and DNA sequencing. He conducted fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) as part of his Master’s thesis, and also analyzed water samples for Chl A, Nitrogen, Phosphorous and TOC according to the APHA Standard Methods. Mr Kamen has also worked on environmental assessments of soil and groundwater contamination and the monitoring of chemicals in waterways, and has over five years’ experience as a senior microbiology analyst in New York, identifying and characterizing bacteria and yeast found in environmental samples using traditional microbiology techniques, GC, real time-PCR, fluorescence microscopy, various microbiological and biochemical techniques, and the MIDI system. He was also in charge of all Legionella analysis, which was conducted in accordance with CDC guidelines. A marine microbiology and biochemistry expert, Mr Kamen has been working as a science editor for non-native authored manuscripts since 2006 and joined Edanz Group as an editor in 2008.