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Roman Perez

  • Roman Perez
    Roman Perez

    Academic Background

    Dr Roman Perez obtained his BSc in chemistry from the University of Barcelona in 2006 and then obtained his PhD at the Technical University of Catalonia in Materials Science in 2011. He developed novel biomaterials based on calcium phosphate cements for bone regeneration. He developed intensive physic chemical and biological analysis of his novel biomaterials. During his PhD he had the opportunity to stay for 1 year at Harvard-MIT to further understand the behavior of collagen containing materials thanks to a scholarship from the Spanish government. After his PhD, he moved to South Korea where he did his first postdoc and studied different types of biomaterials for the regeneration of various tissues, including bone, neural, and liver tissue. He gained vast expertise in cell cultures and biological analysis techniques. He was able to design novel biomaterials designed specifically for multiple drug delivery and cell delivery. He then moved to Ireland to perform his second postdoc in the field of liver tissue engineering, mainly on cell-materials interactions. He then moved to Canada to perform his third postdoc on tissue engineering and gained in-depth knowledge of in vitro reactors for tissue engineering as well as the extraction of cells from different tissues. He then moved back to South Korea to become an Assistant Professor, where he stayed until 2016.

    Publishing History

    Dr Perez has written over 50 papers publish in high impact factor journals, for example, Progress in Materials Science, Materials Today, Advanced Materials, Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, Materials horizons, Biomaterials, and Acta Biomaterialia. He has also published several reviews on the subject of tissue regeneration, covering several tissues such as bone, cartilage and neural tissues, demonstrating his expertise in the field of biomaterials design for tissue regeneration. He has applied for 6 patents, one of them a US patent. He currently holds an h index of 21 with over 1500 citations in the last five years.

    Reviewing Experience

    Dr Perez has acted as a peer reviewer for over 10 years, for numerous material engineering, biomaterial and medical journals, including Journal of Biomaterials Applications, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine, Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, Tissue Engineering, Journal of Materials Chemistry B, Materials Science and Engineering C, Acta Biomaterialia, Journal of the Royal Society Interface, Medical Sciences, Journal of Tissue Engineering, Journal of Oral Sciences, Scientific Reports, Frontiers Bioengineering and Biotechnology. He also serves as expert reviewer for grant applications for the Andalusian community and the Spanish Ministry.