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Jeffrey Robens

  • Jeffrey Robens
    Jeffrey Robens

    2003 - PhD Pharmacology, University of Pennsylvania

    1997 - BSc Psychology, Arizona State University

    Academic Background

    Dr Robens has a diverse academic research background spanning 20 years covering pharmacology, cell biology, biochemistry, neuroscience, materials science, and clinical research. While obtaining his degree in pharmacology at the University of Pennsylvania, he conducted cell biological research focused on cell migration, cell division, and vesicular trafficking. He then moved on to a post-doctoral position at the Institute for Molecular and Cell Biology in Singapore where he investigated the biochemical pathways regulating cytoskeletal organization during cell migration. After receiving a JSPS fellowship in Japan, Dr Robens then moved into developmental neuroscience where he focused on the regulation of migrating granule cells in the developing cerebellum at Kyoto University. His final research position at the Mechanobiology Institute in Singapore then shifted toward understanding how the physical environment affected epithelial differential and function. After leaving academia, Dr Robens has spent over 10 years helping researchers—particularly those in clinical medicine—improve the impact of their articles before publication.

    Publishing History

    Dr Robens has published 11 articles over his career in journals such as Nature Cell Biology, Molecular and Cell Biology, and Brain Research. He was also an active peer reviewer for numerous international cell biology and neuroscience journals and has presented his research at many international conferences worldwide.

    Editing and Reviewing Experience

    Dr Robens started editing manuscripts for Japanese authors in the life and health sciences in 2008 while working at Kyoto University. Since then, he has helped hundreds of authors worldwide improve the quality and impact of their scientific papers prior to publication. Dr Robens joined Edanz as an editor in 2022.

    Writing Experience

    In 2001, Dr Robens wrote a book chapter in Methods in Enzymology on conducting assays to measure kinase activity in vitro. Over the last few years, he has been actively writing posts and blogs via his LinkedIn profile on academic writing and publishing.