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Jacqueline Goveas

  • Jacqueline Goveas
    Jacqueline Goveas

    1996 - PhD Chemical Engineering, Princeton University

    1991 - BSc Chemical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin

    Academic Background

    Dr Goveas is a chemical engineer in the field of complex fluids, including polymers, surfactants, and biological systems. She has more than 10 years’ experience conducting theoretical and experimental studies and publishing the results in top peer-reviewed international journals. She has expertise in statistical mechanics, thermodynamics, and fluid mechanics. Dr Goveas has significant experience in environmental engineering including wastewater treatment.

    Publishing History

    Dr Goveas has authored 10 peer-reviewed papers, 6 as first author, in journals including Macromolecules, Langmuir, and Europhysics Letters. She has given presentations at several international conferences and has been invited to speak at seminars in Chemical Engineering Departments in the USA.

    Editing and Reviewing Experience

    Dr Goveas has edited manuscripts for her own students and post-doctoral researchers at Rice University, USA. She has been a reviewer for several top scientific journals including Macromolecules, Physical Review, and the Journal of Rheology. She served on three National Science Foundation (NSF, USA) panels for research funding allocation and as an NSF proposal reviewer. She has worked as a freelance scientific editor since 2012 and has edited over 1900 manuscripts in all engineering disciplines, chemistry, and physics.

    Writing Experience

    Dr Goveas has written chemical engineering grant proposals at Rice University (USA), final project reports, and experimental plans at the USEPA. She has also worked as a scientific writer for a law firm.