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Sydney Koke

  • Sydney Koke
    Sydney Koke

    2013 - MFA Interdisciplinary Arts, Simon Fraser University

    2008 - BSc (Hons) Psychology, University of Calgary

    Academic Background

    Ms Koke’s research interests include the neurological mechanisms of time and rhythm perception, motor rhythm synchronization, therapeutic brain stimulation, and many topics in cognitive and social psychology. Ms Koke worked as a research associate at the University of Calgary in the Behavioural Neuroscience Research Group and then as a member of the Hotchkiss Brain Institute conducting clinical neuroscience research and assisting with human neurosurgery. Her studies have focused on a range of subjects including epilepsy, circadian rhythms, learning and memory, neuroprosthetics, and deep brain stimulation. She has experience with behavioral training and stereotaxic surgery in both rodent and primate models, and has conducted work with clinical patients in both hospital and laboratory settings.

    Publishing History

    Ms Koke has 6 years of research experience in the fields of behavioral neuroscience and clinical neuroscience and has published two peer-reviewed papers. She has given multiple talks and presented posters at international conferences about her research.

    Editing Experience

    Since transitioning from laboratory research to work as an academic editor with Edanz Group in early 2010, Ms Koke has edited hundreds of academic manuscripts in a range of subjects including psychology, neuroscience, medicine, art history, and contemporary art.

    Writing Experience

    In addition to editing academic articles, Ms Koke assists contemporary artists by writing and editing applications for grants and residencies.