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William Yajima

  • William Yajima
    William Yajima

    2009 - PhD Plant Science, University of Alberta

    2004 - MSc Plant Science, University of Alberta

    2000 - BSc Biology, University of Waterloo

    Dr Yajima is an expert in molecular biology- and proteomics-based techniques related to plant pathology. His extensive research background has included screening for novel therapeutic targets for neurological conditions, investigating gene expression patterns in plant hosts and fungal pathogens, and expressing and purifying recombinant proteins. Dr Yajima is the author of numerous journal articles and reviews published in peer reviewed journals. He has also co-authored a book chapter, an online encyclopedia chapter, and an online technical guide/magazine, and has served as a reviewer for several international scientific journals. Dr Yajima has been with Edanz Group for four years. Following his role as an in-house Senior Editor in the Fukuoka office, he is currently a freelance editor.