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Stuart Jenkinson

  • Stuart Jenkinson
    Stuart Jenkinson

    2005 - PhD Applied Mathematics, University of East Anglia

    1999 - MMath (1st Hons), University of East Anglia

    Dr Jenkinson's PhD thesis, entitled 'Limiting forms of steep gravity-capillary waves and related properties', investigated the behavior of free-surface flows under the effects of gravity, surface tension, viscosity and wind forcing. This highly nonlinear problem was solved using numerical modeling for a range of parameter values, leading to a variety of physically limiting surface profiles. After graduation, Dr Jenkinson worked at an environmental science laboratory in the UK developing hydrodynamic models of the transport of radioactive discharge in the marine environment. He also performed assessments of the exposure of members of the public to the UK's nuclear waste. In 2011 Dr Jenkinson became a scientific editor, specializing in the fields of mathematical, environmental and computer science. He joined the Edanz Group as an editor in 2012.