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Amanda Fitzgibbons

  • Amanda Fitzgibbons
    Amanda Fitzgibbons

    2001 - PhD Economics and Public Policy, University of Melbourne

    1994 - Bachelor of Arts (1st Hons), University of Queensland

    Academic Background

    Dr Fitzgibbons has worked as an economic and public policy consultant, a policy adviser and researcher for the Queensland and Victorian public services, and as a lecturer in economics at the University of Queensland. As a lecturer, she has taught subjects in micro- and macroeconomic theory and the history of economic thought. As a consultant and policy adviser, she has extensive experience in policy analysis across a wide range of issues, including financial sector management and regulation, management of environmental and natural resource issues (including waste, recycling, water management, and sustainable transport options), and early childhood development and human capital reform issues. Her background has provided her with opportunities for research, report writing, and preparation of English writing guides.

    Publishing History

    Dr Fitzgibbons has published a journal article on the financial sector and deregulation in Australia and co-authored numerous consulting and government reports on issues including economic impact assessments, adapting to climate change, and the costs and benefits of early childhood investment.

    Editing Experience

    Dr Fitzgibbons has worked as an academic editor since 2002, for both government departments and private-sector clients. She has edited a wide range of documents, including journal articles, theses, presentations, conference papers, applications for grants and employment, referee reports, and responses to referee reports. She joined Edanz Group as an editor in 2018.