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Clare Fitzgerald

  • Clare Fitzgerald

    2016 - PhD Atmospheric chemistry, University of Cambridge

    2011 - Graduate Diploma in Chemical Sciences, University of East Anglia

    2010 - BSc Natural Sciences (Environmental Sciences & Chemistry), University of East Anglia

    Academic Background

    Dr Fitzgerald completed a PhD that crossed the fields of atmospheric sciences, physical chemistry, and analytical chemistry, developing a method for measuring the viscosity of atmospheric organic aerosol particles using viscosity-sensitive fluorescent dyes, fluorescence lifetime imaging, and mass spectrometry. Her research involved the anthropogenic and natural sources of atmospheric organic aerosols; how the viscosity of these aerosols influences how they are processed in the atmosphere, i.e., how they will react with other chemical species and how quickly they will be transported or deposited; and the chemical and physical processing of these aerosols and the impact on climate, human health, and pollution levels. During this time, Dr Fitzgerald published in several peer-reviewed journals. She continued developing her expertise in fluorescence microscopy during her post-doctoral position in the field of biophysics and nanotechnology, developing fluorescence sensors using DNA origami (using the natural pairing structure of DNA to design nanostructures). She used fluorescently tagged DNA origami structures to develop a range of voltage-responsive sensors for future applications studying neuronal signaling and other biological processes resulting from a difference in potential across a membrane.

    Publishing History

    Dr Fitzgerald has published in several peer-reviewed journals both as the first author and contributing author. She has also presented at national and international conferences giving both poster and oral presentations.

    Editing and Reviewing Experience

    Dr Fitzgerald has edited and reviewed manuscripts for articles she has co-authored, for her peers as part of the journal review process, and for students and colleagues at her institutions. She has also worked for a pharmaceutical management consulting firm and as part of this role has edited a wide range of documents including regulatory submissions, project proposals, and research reports for her clients. Dr Fitzgerald joined Edanz as an editor in 2021.

    Writing Experience

    Dr Fitzgerald has gained experience writing journal articles throughout her PhD and in her post-doctoral position. She also has experience writing regulatory submissions, project proposals, research reports, and various other documents for clients in the pharmaceutical industry.