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We are a Japanese company with an international team of highly qualified researchers and publication experts. You can take advantage of the weak Yen and get great value, high quality expert editing and scientific support now!

Expert English Editing

Scientific communication requires clarity, organization, and flow. Our experts ensure your language is clear and easy to understand while following the journal's guidelines. They can also help you organize and structure your manuscript for faster publication and better reception by journal editors.

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  • Flawless, polished, natural English
  • Work done by a highly qualified native English expert in your field
  • Full transparency. Only Edanz gives you complete details of who worked on your manuscript

scientific support

Lead your field with insight, ideas, & analysis

Research & Study Ideas

If you need an innovative research question or a creative study approach, our services can help. We can help you develop a research question, concept, synopsis, or protocol that fits your needs and goals.

Article & Publication Ideas

Our team can help you develop a scientific angle for a review or other article. We'll work with you to develop innovative, achievable ideas so you can get published in a high-impact journal.

Gap & Unmet Needs Analysis

Identifying gaps and unmet needs in your field helps set research priorities. We can help you identify opportunities, position your research, and develop a creative publication strategy.

Literature Reviews & Data Extraction

Have a question but no time to read the literature? Need help making sense of data? Our team can conduct an unbiased review. Trend reports, quantitative and qualitative analyses are also available.

Project support & publication services

Publish & present with ease

Manuscript Development

Our dedicated medical writers work as a true extension of your team, working with you to develop an industry and publisher-compliant manuscript in as little as 6 weeks.

Unfinished Papers

If you've got a manuscript that has been repeatedly rejected, is outdated, or has not yet passed the outline stage, we can help you finish it and get it to publication if you don’t have time.

Poster & Slide Development

Engage your audience with professionally designed, scientifically accurate content that is tailored to your congress or other specific needs.

Expert Scientific Review

Our expert reviewers will provide constructive feedback on the scientific merit of your work, as well as recommendations for improvement so you can improve it before submitting to the journal

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