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Statistical Analysis

Complete support from expert statisticians

Statistical Analysis Plans

A statistician will help you choose and develop the statistical analysis plan needed for your study to ensure robust results that meet your research question or hypothesis.

  • Make sure you’ve got the right statistical analysis techniques to produce a robust result
  • Save time and money by eliminating the need to find a statistician.
Ask about a Statistical Anlysis Plan

Price (USD) starting from: $7,700

Please provide us with: Protocol

Statistical Analysis
(Clinical Study)

A statistician will analyze your research data in accordance with your statistical analysis plan ensuring fast, accurate results from your research data. Where there are problems in the data or approach, we’ll support you get the best from your data.

  • Quick and easy
  • Robust and reliable results
Ask about a Statistical Analysis

Price (USD) starting from: $22,000

Please provide us with: Statistical analysis plan; data files (anonymized/processed); protocol/study design background

Expert Review Of Results

A statistician and research area expert will examine your results and offer an independent intepretation of the results in the context of the field.

  • Understand how much you can, and cannot, say about your results
  • New perspectives on what your data means for the field
Ask about an Expert Review of Results

Price (USD) starting from: $3,300

Please provide us with: Protocol, tables, figures;
data files (anonymized / processed)