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Effective Use of Journal Selection Tools

The Edanz Journal Selector is one of the most popular tool on the web for helping you find a good journal for your manuscript. Journal selectors are a great resource, but it’s also helpful to understand how they work, and the logic that underlies the complicated algorithms.

When choosing a journal, there are several things to take into consideration. How you choose to rank them in importance can have an effect on which journal might be most appropriate for your manuscript.

Order of importance

It goes without saying that most authors would like to see their work printed in journals with good impact factors, but that might not always be the most important consideration for your work (see above for example scenarios).

Sometimes you may want to target a specialized audience, while other times you might be in a time crunch and a frequently published journal with quick turnaround times may be a better choice. If you’re looking for maximum exposure, a good open access choice might be your first priority.

All of these factors can make for a confusing task of selecting an appropriate journal, especially if several of the factors above are of high importance for your particular paper.

Online tools such as the Edanz Journal Selector aim to help you refine your search by some of these categories, allowing you to focus on the factors that matter most and avoid sifting through journals that don't make the grade. However, as good as the Journal Selector is in this regard, and we work to improve it every day, we still recommend using these tools alongside traditional methods. This includes a journal-by-journal check of journal/website/publisher reputation using the checklist of Think Check Submit.

Nothing can replace the knowledge that comes with keeping up with the literature in your field and learning from your colleagues and supervisor. Combining these efforts will allow you to take the results from the selector and make the right judgment call for your current situation.

We’re very proud of the Edanz Journal Selector and its ability to give you accurate guidance on potential target journals. We have also included a short video to walk you through how to use this tool. Hopefully by understanding how this tool can enhance your usual journal selection process, the process of choosing your next journal will be that much easier!