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Submitting Your Manuscript

Submission Timeline

Ever wonder how the submission process works and how long it takes? Or why your manuscript still seems to be pending acceptance? In our flipbook, we look at the stages of a manuscript from journal selection through to acceptance over a sample time frame to show just how long each step can take.


Top 5 Pre-Submission Tips

Ensure that you are fully prepared to submit your manuscript by following our Top 5 Pre-Submission Tips.


Making Sense of Instructions for Authors

Journals all have guidelines on their websites, usually known as Instructions for Authors, but wading through them can be time consuming and confusing, and this makes manuscript preparation more difficult than it should be. So how do you make the most efficient use of these instructions?


Recommending Reviewers

During the course of publishing a manuscript, your work will need to be assessed by several peer reviewers. This is part of the value publishers provide and is essential to maintain trust in the research that is being made public. The journal editor makes the final decision on your manuscript but he will usually base this decision off the comments and recommendations provided by the peer reviewers. It is also their responsibility to select appropriate reviewers for your manuscript; however, this can often be a difficult process due to busy schedules and holiday periods. So to help speed this up, during the submission process you will often be asked to suggest potential reviewers for your manuscript. But how do you know who to pick?


Checklist for Acceptance

Use this checklist to ensure you have everything required for submission to your target journal.


Clinical Research Acceptance Checklist

As a clinician, you face unique challenges when you want to publish your research. Here is a checklist of important items to keep in mind while preparing and submitting your manuscript.