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Edanz Press Release / News Release and Research Publicity Service

Convey your discoveries to a wider, global audience, in language they can understand

What is a Scientific Press Release/News Release?

Science is often difficult to explain. It’s even more difficult when English isn’t your first language.

Every day on news sites and social feeds, people around the world receive a continual stream of interesting scientific news written in accessible language.

Also, with so much new research emerging from all corners of the world at a constant rate, where do reporters find their stories? The answer is press releases (often also called news releases). Science reporters and other interested parties scan press releases in search of interesting and exciting content. From there, they report on it in newspapers, online news outlets, social media services, and other media.

The press release is the bridge of communication between your research and the greater public. It makes your science understood to the world.

Press Release Services

When a new planet is identified, a new drug discovered, or an ancient civilization unearthed, scientific journalists learn about it through a press release, and subsequently report on it in the media. Press release services receive press releases and curate them for journalists. The best of these services also publish the press releases online and offer other language and channels of distribution. With English as the global language of scientific communication, researchers who want the world to know of their work must write about it in clear and effective English. We design press releases ready for easy submission to press release services, including the popular EurekAlert! service.

Why Do I Need a Writing Service?

Edanz customers typically use English as a foreign language. We help them raise their language to level equal to that of native speakers in an appropriate tone. The Edanz Press Release service takes the original scientific article and assigns a specialized editor-writer to review it and craft an attractive press release in stylish, scientifically accurate, journalistic English that will appeal to media and the general public.

What You’ll Receive

We use the EurekAlert! guidelines as a standard, though we can customize information to satisfy your requirements for other purposes. We craft a press release that is ready for submission.

Standard elements typically include:

  • Title

  • Subtitle

  • Main text of approximately 400 words

  • Summary

  • Keywords

  • Twitter tweet

*Please note that we do not do image creation.

Ordering Process

1) Send us your publication (pending publications are also accepted) and any supporting materials, in pdf or doc format. We will review the topic and contents and assign the press release creation job to one of our experienced scientific editor-writers. (time of completion: 4 business days)
2) We return your press release with all the necessary sections for submission on EurekAlert! or the distribution service of your choice. If you have any requests for revision, return it to use for a 2nd round, just as you would with our editing service.

*Please note that we do not submit the press releases to distribution services. Research institutes will find it more economical to purchase an annual subscription to a service at academic rates. Individual researchers are advised to consult with the publicity personnel at their respective institutions.

Standard Price: $495

Press Release and Research Publicity

Research Publicity: Not only press releases

Do you or your institution produce other forms of research publicity, such as annual reports, online content, social media? These are all powerful means of getting the word out about your findings. Contact us to learn more how we can translate your valuable research to the world in almost any format.

A Professional Writing and Editing Team

Our select writers include former science journalists, award-winning science writers, and some of the brightest minds in research. Our in-house staff have extensive experience in journalism and academic writing to ensure work in the right tone and wording for your audience.

We Work For You and With You

Send us supporting materials, tell us the key points, instruct us on what tone to use, and we will accommodate your requests. If you require changes after the first round of writing, the second round of editing/rewriting is absolutely free. Over time we learn your preferred writers, styles, and conventions so we can provide you an even more customized level of service.