English Editing Researcher Services

Do you edit references?

Yes, we can edit your references.

Includes the above and the following:

  • Correcting spelling and punctuation as per target journal instructions
  • Adjusting typography (e.g., bold, italics) as per target journal instructions
  • Correcting spacing, replacing Asian characters, correcting journal title style
  • Reducing the number of listed author names in references as per journal requirements
  • Correcting the in-text citation style as per target journal instructions

Does not include:

  • Researching or inserting missing information (e.g., author names)
  • LaTeX files— sorry, we cannot provide our reference editing services for files with LaTeX coding

Edanz does not edit citations or references generated by reference management software such as EndNote or Mendeley;  any changes would be overwritten if the citations or references are regenerated later.

If you don't want your references edited, you can remove them from your manuscript before sending it to us.