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Sarah Dodds

  • Sarah Dodds
    Sarah Dodds

    2016 - PhD Chemical Engineering, University of Melbourne

    2005 - MSc Chemistry, University of Edinburgh

    Academic Background

    Dr Dodds has expertise in materials engineering, materials characterization, drug delivery systems, and nanomaterials. Her PhD research focused on nanoengineered polymer materials for drug delivery applications. In particular, she explored the in vivo behavior of layer-by-layer-assembled polymer capsules and cylindrical polymer brushes, and how the physical properties of materials affect their pharmacokinetics and biodistribution. Dr Dodds has industrial experience in the area of oil and gas testing methods, which she acquired through a role with Scaled Solutions. She also worked in spectroscopic characterization for the Johnson Matthey Technology Centre’s heterogeneous catalysis research department.

    Publishing History

    During the course of her research, Dr Dodds contributed to a number of research papers, provided editorial support for her colleagues, and presented at conferences.

    Editing Experience

    Dr Dodds has professional publishing experience, having worked as an assistant editor on the open access Springer journal SpringerPlus. During her time with SpringerPlus, she worked with authors and peer reviewers to achieve publication for numerous manuscripts, and the experience enhanced her understanding of publication ethics. She joined Edanz Group as an editor in 2017.