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Harry Taylor

  • Harry Taylor

    1970 - PhD Zoology, University of Newcastle upon Tyne

    1965 - BSc (Hons) Zoology, University of Newcastle upon Tyne

    Dr Taylor lectured in zoology, comparative physiology, and cell biology at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, from 1972 to 2009. His interests span all physiological systems across a variety of taxa, including fish, crustaceans, mollusks, insects and spiders. Research themes include: gas exchange and oxygen transport; morphology and hemodynamics of gills and circulatory systems; osmoregulation, acid-base balance and excretion; adaptation to marine, freshwater and terrestrial environments; the physiology of eggs and embryos and fertilization; stress associated with fishing, aquaculture and live transport; and eco-toxicity of heavy metals. Dr Taylor is experienced in a range of instrumentation and analyses including: microscopy (DIC, fluorescence, TEM, SEM, X-ray microprobe); corrosion casting; respirometry; blood gas and acid-base status; osmotic, ionic, and metabolite concentrations of body fluids and waters; atomic absorption spectroscopy; radioactive tracers, viscometry; blood pressure and flow measurement (pulsed Doppler); heart and ventilation rates; and electrophysiology. Dr Taylor’s research group has published numerous articles in the principal international journals of his field. He has served on the advisory board of journals and book series, is a reviewer for about 20 international journals, and is a member of several national and international scientific societies. Dr Taylor began working as an editor with the Edanz Group in 2008.