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Sean Mathai

  • Sean Mathai

    2007 - PhD Chemistry, University of Melbourne

    1999 - BSc Chemistry (Hons), University of Melbourne

    Dr Mathai is an accomplished chemist in the area of ultrafast spectroscopy, and also has extensive editorial experience with several premier academic publishing companies. At the University of Melbourne, his research focused on the photochemistry and photophysics of porphyrins for use as phototherapy agents. Dr Mathai then moved to Germany to work as an editor for ChemPhysChem, Chemistry – An Asian Journal and The Chemical Record (Wiley-VCH). He then undertook the role of Publishing Manager with Nature Publishing Group (NPG) where he oversaw the successful launch of three new additions to the NPG suite of Open Access journals. In addition, he managed the publication of five established society-owned titles from the Asia-Pacific region as well as the NPG language editing service. Dr Mathai joined the Edanz Group as an Editor in May 2013.