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Kieran Lynch

  • Kieran Lynch
    Kieran Lynch

    2023 - PhD Metallurgy and Corrosion, University of Manchester

    2018 - MEng Materials Science and Engineering, University of Manchester

    Academic Background

    Dr Lynch is an experienced Materials Scientist specializing in general metallurgy and materials for nuclear applications. He recently earned his PhD from The University of Manchester, focusing on the experimental characterization and modelling of the microstructural evolution in metallic alloys under irradiation. During his doctoral studies and subsequent role as a Research Associate, Dr Lynch contributed to the publication of three peer-reviewed papers. He was the lead author on the most recent of these publications, which has recently been accepted, where he led experimental investigations and manuscript writing. In addition to his research contributions, Dr Lynch gained experience in assisting undergraduate teaching, including guiding and tutoring students, as well as marking their assignments to a consistently high standard. His proficiency extends beyond research into proofreading, where he corrected a variety of academic works, spanning materials science, chemistry, physics, biochemistry, and environmental sciences. He is also adept in LaTeX. Dr Lynch’s broad foundation knowledge and versatile skill set enable him to apply his expertise across diverse scientific fields.

    Publishing History

    To date, Dr Lynch has been a co-author on two publications, where he assisted with experimental work and editing of the manuscript. He is the primary author on his most recent publication, leading both experimental work and manuscript writing.

    Editing and Reviewing Experience

    During his time as a PhD Researcher and Research Associate, Dr Lynch actively contributed to writing, editing, and reviewing manuscripts for publication. Moreover, he provided constructive feedback on assignments for undergraduate and Master’s students. More recently, he has worked as a freelance proofreader, improving a diverse array of scientific documents through editing and refinement. Dr Lynch joined Edanz as an Editor in 2024.

    Writing Experience

    As well as his doctoral thesis, Dr Lynch has written a manuscript which has been accepted for publication in Journal of Nuclear Materials.