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Gabe Yedid

  • Gabe Yedid
    Gabe Yedid

    2007 - PhD Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour/Zoology, Michigan State University

    2001 - MSc Biology, McGill University

    1998 - BSc Biology, McGill University

    Academic Background

    Dr Yedid is an experienced virtual biologist in the fields of general evolutionary biology, and more specifically experimental evolution, digital evolution, and artificial life. He has 19 years of experience in conducting virtual lab studies, teaching, supervising students, and publishing work in international, high-impact journals and books by respected academic publishers. He is knowledgeable in experimental evolutionary biology, paleontology, ecology, genetics, and computational biology. He has experience using MATLAB, R, Python, and C++. Dr Yedid was formerly a faculty member in the Department of Zoology at Nanjing Agricultural University, where he worked on using digital evolution and artificial life to investigate the dynamics of mass extinction and recovery, evolution of navigation capabilities, and habitat tracking.

    Publishing History

    Dr Yedid has authored 19 peer-reviewed papers and book chapters, 6 as first author and 8 as corresponding author, in journals including The American Naturalist, Nature, Journal of Evolutionary Biology, PLoS ONE, Artificial Life, Journal of Nematology, Biochimie, Toxins, and Journal of Visualized Experiments. He has presented at several international conferences.

    Editing and Reviewing Experience

    Dr Yedid has edited manuscripts for both students and colleagues at his former institution, including fields of Computer, Agricultural, Geology, Zoology, Environmental, and Food (biochemistry/molecular genetic/organismal aspects) sciences. He joined Edanz Group as an editor in 2020.

    Writing Experience

    Dr Yedid has authored papers primarily on digital experimental evolution and been a co-author on papers dealing with nematology, plant biochemistry, and bivalve genetics.