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Simon Partridge

  • Simon Partridge

    2013 - PhD Synthetic Chemistry, Imperial College London

    2008 - MChem Chemistry with Industrial Training, University of Warwick

    Academic Background

    Dr Partridge has expertise in synthetic and analytical chemistry. He completed his doctoral research at Imperial College London in 2012, where he focused on the total synthesis of steroid scaffolds and the development of novel synthetic methodology.

    Publishing History

    Dr Partridge has had his work on asymmetric organocatalysis published in a peer-reviewed journal. He has presented this research at various local and international conferences, and received awards, including the Salters’ Institute Graduate Prize for being a “potential future leader in the chemical or related industries”.

    Editing Experience

    Dr Partridge now works as a full-time freelance science writer and editor. He joined Edanz Group in 2016.