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Mario Siervo

  • Mario Siervo

    2012 - PhD Human Nutrition and Physiology, University of Cambridge

    2002 - MSc Public Health Nutrition, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

    1998 - MD Medicine, University of Naples Federico II

    Academic Background

    Dr Siervo is a clinical academic specializing in clinical nutrition and metabolic medicine. One of his current research interests is defining the role of sarcopenic obesity as a diagnostic entity and improving disease risk prediction. He has developed and validated novel DXA-based models to define body composition phenotypes and is currently involved in several studies looking at the predictive capacity of the models for disease risk in different cohorts. He is also interested in understanding the role of nutritional factors, such as inorganic nitrate, vitamin C or salt consumption, in the modifications of nitric oxide production and its impact on vascular, metabolic, and cognitive outcomes. He is currently exploring the role of the inorganic nitrate reservoir in skeletal muscle and how this specific deposit contributes to local and systemic nitric oxide production and affects muscle energetics and exercise performance. He has developed non-invasive, stable isotopic methods for the assessment of nitric oxide production in humans and leads a lab that specializes in the determination of biomarkers of nitric oxide production using ozone-based chemiluminescence, GCMS, HPLC, and immunoassays.

    Publishing History

    Dr Siervo has published more than 170 scientific papers in high-impact journals, including Cell Metabolism, Diabetes and the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. He has been guest speaker at several national and international conferences and received several awards for his contribution to nutrition research.

    Editing and Reviewing Experience

    Dr Siervo has extensive experience in editing and revising manuscripts for students and researchers. He is on the editorial board of several medical journals. Dr Siervo joined Edanz Group as an expert reviewer in 2020.

    Writing Experience

    Dr Siervo is the editor of two books and contributed to several book chapters on nutrition and metabolic diseases. He has extensive medical writing experience in the field of nutrition, physiology, and metabolic disorders.