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Lisa Giles

  • Lisa Giles

    2008 - PhD Neurosciences, Emory University

    2002 - BA Neuroscience, Johns Hopkins University

    Academic Background

    Dr Giles completed her graduate training in biomedical sciences (cell biology, biochemistry, and pharmacology) at Emory University researching the mechanisms underlying DYT1 dystonia. These studies focused on the interactions between ER resident protein torsinA and the newly discovered protein printor. Dr Giles was awarded an NIH pre-doctoral fellowship to support her research, which provided her with a broad background in cell biology and biochemistry techniques. She has also completed a post-doctoral fellowship working on FVIII aggregation at the University of Michigan.

    Publishing History

    Dr Giles has published in journals such as Human Molecular Genetics and the Journal of Biochemistry. She has also presented her research at national conferences, including the Society for Neuroscience, Keystone, and the American Society for Cell Biology.

    Editing Experience

    Dr Giles has worked as a freelance academic editor since 2010 and joined Edanz Group in 2019.