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Eva Lasic

  • Eva Lasic

    2018 - PhD Neurobiology, University of Ljubljana

    2013 - MSc Biology, University of Ljubljana

    Academic Background

    Dr Lasic has extensive expertise in the fields of cell biology/physiology and neurobiology. She has 9 years of research experience from several different institutes and has published work in international, high-impact journals. Her PhD research focused on astrocytes (a sub-type of glial cells in the central nervous system) and her Master’s research was on urothelium (an epithelium lining the urinary tract). Dr Lasic is knowledgeable in the fields of cell biology and physiology, tissue engineering, biotechnology, molecular biology, electrophysiology, microscopy, biophysics, and neurobiology.

    Publishing History

    Dr Lasic has authored 13 peer-reviewed papers, 6 as first author, in journals including Scientific Reports, Cerebral Cortex, Molecular Neurobiology, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, and Glia. An additional two papers that she has authored are currently undergoing peer review. She has also presented at several international conferences.

    Editing and Reviewing Experience

    Dr Lasic has been editing manuscripts for colleagues at the different institutions she has worked at since 2012. After finishing her PhD in 2018, she decided to follow a new career path, and has become a freelance academic editor, working for various different companies and clients. Dr Lasic joined Edanz Group as an editor in 2020.

    Writing Experience

    Dr Lasic has written 6 peer-reviewed papers as first author, and 11 papers as co-author.