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Claire Barnes

  • Claire Barnes
    Claire Barnes

    1995 - PhD Physiology, University of Toronto

    1988 - MSc Physiology , University of Toronto

    1986 - BSc Physics and Math, McMaster University

    Academic Background

    Dr Barnes has advanced degrees in the field of Human Physiology with a focus on the Neurosciences, particularly retinal function. She previously obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Theoretical Physics & Applied Mathematics. She has held post-doctoral fellowships at Loyola University, Chicago (Dept. of Neurology), and at the University of Chicago (Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Science).

    Publishing History

    Dr Barnes has published in scientific journals on topics ranging from color perception and face perception to diabetic retinopathy and fall risk. She has authored or co-authored multiple publications on electroretinograms (ERGs) and visual evoked potentials (VEPs), in both control subjects and visually impaired participants.

    Editing Experience

    In addition to work on her own publications, Dr Barnes has edited draft papers for colleagues in Audiology, Ophthalmology, and Psychology. She has been a primary editor on multiple clinical study reports (CSRs) in the field of genetic eye diseases. She joined Edanz Group as an editor in 2018.

    Reviewing Experience

    Dr Barnes has been a journal reviewer for seven different journals, including Visual Neuroscience and Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, as well as acting as a grant reviewer for a federal grant program.

    Medical Writing Experience

    During her five years working for a small pharmaceutical company investigating a hoped-for retinal treatment, Dr Barnes drafted one clinical study report and contributed technical sections to several others. She has many years of experience in the drafting of consent forms and Ethics committee submissions.