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Alexander Brynes

  • Alexander Brynes
    Alexander Brynes

    2021 - PhD Physics, University of Liverpool

    2011 - MSc Photon Science, University of Manchester

    2010 - BSc Physics, University of Manchester

    Academic Background

    Dr Brynes is an experienced physicist working in the field of particle accelerators, with a particular focus on accelerator-based light sources. Having over 10 years of experience conducting research in this domain, he is also familiar with experimental techniques and publishing high-impact articles. Along with the deep understanding of physics principles required for this research, he also has knowledge of statistics, mathematics, and computing techniques. More recently, he has begun to work on the application of artificial intelligence to the optimization of particle accelerators.

    Publishing History

    Dr Brynes has authored over 10 peer-reviewed papers in journals including Physical Review Letters, Scientific Reports, and the New Journal of Physics, among others. He has given several talks at international conferences.

    Editing and Reviewing Experience

    Dr Brynes has acted as a peer reviewer for three journals in the Physical Review family, and he has edited manuscripts for students and colleagues at his research institution. He has also amassed experience as a professional editor for clients from other institutions. He is a native English speaker with expertise in editing for grammar, punctuation, flow, and precision, along with ensuring that equations, tables, graphs, and references are correctly formatted. Dr Brynes joined Edanz as an Editor in 2023.

    Writing Experience

    Dr Brynes has written some blog posts for a scientific website.