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Ellen Knapp

  • Ellen Knapp
    Ellen Knapp

    2000 - PhD Developmental Medicine/Biology, Pediatrics, University of Auckland

    1993 - MSc Zoology, University of Auckland

    1989 - BSc Zoology & Cell Biology, University of Auckland

    Dr Knapp’s scientific background is in medicine cellular biology with particular emphasis on pediatrics. Her PhD research focused on the role of various hormones in the growth-retarded fetus. From 2000 to 2003, Dr Knapp was awarded an American Heart Association, Florida Affiliate, Post-doctoral Fellowship. Dr Knapp is presently an honorary member of the Department of Physiology, Auckland University, New Zealand. Dr Knapp’s most recent research involves the mechanisms of fetal cardiovascular and cerebrovascular adaptation to asphyxia, and she is also investigating treatment options for perinatal asphyxia. A highly experienced editor, Dr Knapp has been the Science Writer for The Anatomical Record since 2011.