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Alison McGonagle

  • Alison McGonagle
    Alison McGonagle

    2007 - PhD Organic Chemistry, University of Leeds

    2003 - MSc (Hons) Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry, University of Glasgow

    Academic background

    Dr McGonagle has a strong background in synthetic organic chemistry. Her PhD was entitled 'Construction of Nitrogen-Containing Heterocycles Using Novel Aza-Wittig Methodology', and she has also carried out post-doctoral research on the synthesis of novel cubane derivatives for polymerization studies. She has worked in both academia and industry and has a wide range of experience in organic synthesis, and food and environmental chemistry.

    Publishing history

    Dr McGonagle has published three papers, in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, the Australian Journal of Chemistry, and Organic Letters; she has also presented research posters at international conferences.

    Editing Experience

    Dr McGonagle joined Edanz Group as an editor in 2013.