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Aidan Young

  • Aidan Young

    2008 - PhD Chemistry, University of Otago

    2002 - BSc (Hons) Chemistry, University of Otago

    Dr Young’s research interests are in surface chemistry and interface science, particularly spectroscopy at surfaces/interfaces and the chemistry/reactivity of adsorbed species. His PhD thesis, entitled ‘Chemistry at Cadmium Sulfide Surfaces’, investigated the surface chemistry of synthetic inorganic particles, and explored factors important for their use in biological imaging applications. His current post doctoral research includes quantum dot based solar energy generation, and novel photo-catalytic nanotechnologies for marine antifouling applications. Dr Young's publication record includes papers from the fields of inorganic coordination polymers, nanoparticle synthesis and optical properties, adsorption kinetics and equilibria, structural properties of proteins at surfaces, and a comprehensive review entitled 'Square planar silver(I) complexes: A rare but increasingly observed stereochemistry for silver(I)', published in Coordination Chemistry Reviews. Dr Young began working as an editor with the Edanz Group in 2010.