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George Papadakis

  • George Papadakis
    George Papadakis

    2009 - BEng, Civil and Structural Engineering, Newcastle University

    Academic Background

    Mr Papadakis is a civil and structural engineer with a focus on finite element analysis and simulation. He is trained in all aspects of engineering mathematics, such as differential equation and linear algebra. Additionally, he has good knowledge of other engineering and technological fields, such as mechanical/electrical/aerospace engineering, robotics, information technology, and algorithms.

    Editing Experience

    Mr Papadakis has been a professional academic editor for over 8 years in the broad field of engineering and technology. He has edited and formatted hundreds of papers, which have been published in journals for Elsevier, Taylor and Francis, and Springer, among others. He is familiar with conventions and formatting guidelines used in academic writing, including Chicago, IEEE, APA, and MLA. Mr Papadakis joined Edanz Group as an editor in 2018.