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Sandra Cheesman

  • Sandra Cheesman

    1998 - PhD Molecular Biology, University of Edinburgh

    1993 - BSc (1st Hons) Biology and Organic Chemistry, Open University

    Dr Cheesman has a special interest in tropical disease research and has worked primarily in the fields of molecular biology and genetics. For her PhD, she investigated DNA topoisomerase II of the human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum as an anti-malarial drug target. As a post-doctoral researcher, she applied genetics and genomics approaches to identify parasite genes of biomedical importance, including genes that induce protective immunity in the host. Her research identified a major parasite gene involved in strain-specific immunity against malaria. Dr Cheesman worked in academia for 20 years and published 27 research papers, many as first author. She has also acted as a peer reviewer on many occasions and has been an invited speaker at many congresses. Dr Cheesman has taken research sabbaticals at the University of Osaka (2007) and University of Nagasaki (2009), Japan. Now a freelance editor who enjoys helping non-native English speakers to communicate their scientific findings to their target audience, Dr Cheesman joined Edanz Group as an editor in 2010 and edits in the biological sciences, with particular focus on human and veterinary pathogens.