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Lubov Nathanson

  • Lubov Nathanson

    1998 - PhD Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Weizmann Institute of Science

    - MS Biology/Biophysics, Moscow State University

    Academic Background

    Dr Nathanson is an experienced, versatile, and multidisciplinary trained scientist with over 20 years of work experience in basic and translational genomics and proteomics research. She has combined expertise in bioinformatics, molecular biology, biochemistry, and systems biology. Dr Nathanson is currently working on transcriptomics and epigenetics of multi-symptom disorders such as myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome and Gulf War illness.

    Publishing History

    Dr Nathanson has authored more than 30 peer-reviewed publications, four as a senior author, in journals including Communication Biology, Journal of Cell Molecular Medicine, iScience, and Science Reports.

    Editing and Reviewing Experience

    Dr Nathanson has edited manuscripts and grant proposals for colleagues at her institution. She has been a grant proposals reviewer for the National Institutes of Health and the American Heart Association. Dr Nathanson joined Edanz Group as a research consultant in 2021.

    Writing Experience

    Dr Nathanson has experience writing manuscripts and grant proposals.