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Esther Posner

  • Esther Posner
    Esther Posner

    2017 - PhD Experimental Geosciences, Universität Bayreuth

    2012 - MS Geosciences, University of Arizona

    2010 - BS Geology, Grand Valley State University

    Academic Background

    Dr Posner is an experimental and theoretical geochemist. Her research encompasses both laboratory experiments and first-principles molecular dynamics calculations to measure transport and elastic properties of minerals and melts at high pressures and temperatures. Her main research interests include the origin, composition, and evolution of the terrestrial planets and planetary interiors, in addition to nuclear and crystal chemistry, cosmochemistry, and planetary magnetism. Dr Posner was conferred the American Geophysical Union's Mineral and Rock Physics Graduate Research Award in 2018 and the Geological Society of America’s Top Student Presentation Award in 2008. She managed the high-pressure multianvil laboratory at the Bayerisches Geoinstitut (BGI) of the Universität Bayreuth in 2017–2018 and is presently a BGI post-doctoral research fellow. Dr Posner is knowledgeable in material and environmental science and engineering, in particular the fundamentals of material synthesis and characterization. Her experience and research as a geochemist has involved over a decade of laboratory experiments and theoretical calculations to determine material properties that are directly related to both environmental and industrial processes and applications.

    Publishing History

    Dr Posner has published ten peer-reviewed scientific papers in international journals including Geophysical Research Letters, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, and Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta.

    Editing and Reviewing Experience

    Dr Posner has edited a wide variety of manuscripts in Earth Science, on topics including geology, geochemistry, geophysics, mineralogy, petrology, volcanology, seismology, geomagnetism, geochronology, geomorphology, structural geology, tectonics, oceanography, hydrology, paleontology, natural hazards, mining, geological engineering, and metallurgy. She joined Edanz Group as an editor in 2017.