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Martin Cheung

  • Martin Cheung

    2013 - PhD Microbiology/Biochemistry, University of Bristol

    2006 - MSc Medical Microbiology, University of Nottingham

    2002 - BSc Biochemistry, University of Birmingham

    Academic Background

    Dr Cheung is an experienced life sciences researcher, motivated by tackling emerging global health issues. His main areas of expertise include disease pathogenesis and prevention, novel antimicrobial and vaccine development, and associated technologies. In pursuit of his research goals, Dr Cheung has acquired in-depth knowledge of a wide and varied range of scientific disciplines including microbiology, molecular biology, biochemistry/structural biology, clinical diagnostics, and high-resolution electron microscopy.

    Publishing History

    Dr Cheung has published in peer-reviewed journals such as PNAS, Molecular Microbiology, and Journal of Structural Biology. His publications have included papers in subjects such as microbiology, structural biology, and electron microscopy.

    Editing Experience

    Dr Cheung has edited manuscripts for colleagues at his Japan-based institution in topics including electron microscopy, biology, and renewable energy.